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Anybody have detailed instructions on how to use JAMF to install client with customized response file

This is for On-prem so defaulting to the cloud does not work.

when the pkg file expands during it's execution, it overwrites the documented response file.

For those who think just open a case, I have had a case open since 1 Sept and still playing email tag. 

Adoption is not an option. 

How does the packager need to set up the installation and configuration to make JAMF work. 

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I don't have any knowledge of doing software deploying using JAMF, so if that is the focus of your question I can't help sorry.

But if the focus of your question is around what goes into the mgsft_rollout_response response file used when installing the FlexNet inventory agent on Unix-like operating systems (including macOS), then the following page is a good resource: Agent Third-Party Deployment: Configure the Bootstrap File for Unix.

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