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Any Prerequisites for Installing Flexnet Agent on MAC Devices

Hi Forum,

can someone give the Pre-requisites for installing MAC agent on MAC devices, as with out a java JDK installed on the Laptop the agent is not communicating to Beacon and services were not running and is there any other option through which the agent will work with out JDK as it again requires a license.

FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1.5

Please help as this is for the 1st time working on MAC agent installations and Appreciate your guidance.



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The FNMS Agent does not require/use any JAVA components.  This sounds like the installation of the agent was not successful.

You can view the LOG files in /var/opt/managesoft/log 

The current MAC Agent installation package is not signed.  Therefore, before installing the agent you must disable the GateKeeper package.  After successful installation, you can then go back and enable GateKeeper.

And like the installation on Linux, the installation must be performed within the Console using sudo to root.


Hi @kclausen ,

Thanks for the suggestion, and please find the installation log for reference and the device is communicating to the Beacon server as per the IIS logs.

Attached the installation log from the end device for reference and could you please verify and suggest if the installation is valid!!!


I do not see anything obvious in the Installation Log.  What other log files do you see in this folder?  Do you see a Tracker.log file?  This is the log that is generated when an inventory is performed.

hi @kclausen 

Please find the tracker log attached and still the device in not reflecting in FNMS.

please suggest, thanks

Based on the Tracker.log, inventory was successfully run on August 28 and August 29 and was successfully uploaded to the Beacon (HQFERABCON01).  When you go to Active Inventory, you do not see any inventory for a device named "hq-c1msw0alh3qk"?  That is the name of the MAC device.

Are other agents successfully uploading to this Beacon?

I am also not sure why the last inventory was August 29 and no further inventories have taken place, unless you have set a Weekly inventory schedule.



Hi @kclausen ,

i have got the solution and now the devices were reflecting in the portal, the issue is with the Beacon version upgrade which stopped the further processing of the inventory reconciliation and will check if the agents will report with out a java version installed on the MAC EUC.

Thanks for the time and efforts updating the thread.


Hi , 

As suggested in the earlier comments, i have uninstalled the JDK version and see if the MAC device is uploading the inventory and monitoring the same.

After uninstalling the JDK tried to run ndtrack -t machine and its throws the below error. Any idea why this is happening.


The message about Java is likely caused by 1 or more applications installed on the Mac that require JAVA.  Please review the following links.  It is likely that if you restart the device, you will see the same message.  The Flexera Agent does not require Java.


Flexera inventory agent version FNMS 2019 R1.2 and later support oracle java inventory, to collect archive java package installation evidence, FLEXERA  inventory agent find the java executable by using the file scanning (configurable option) and run java -version command (Unix like supported OS's) to collect installer evidence that is required to recognise Oracle java version (including minor versions) installations.  For details refer to Oracle Java support

Popup dialog issue is caused by old java that is not allowed by Mac OS and left behind when OS was upgraded i think default path /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework it does not stop FLEXERA inventory agent but cause popup when any program/user try to execute problematic java executable.
Other supported java installation by Mac OS e.g. Oracle java version 1.8.0_221, 1.8.0_112 will execute without any problem.
FlexNet Manager Suite do provide options to configure exclude file path scan to avoid execution of problematic java that is not allowed to run on Mac anymore OR disable java execution, Flexera recommends to
  • Keep the includedirectory path configured to collect required evidence for licensing of Oracle and other publishers.
  • Exclude the problematic java by excluding the directory path from file scanning e.g. /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework this can be achieved through the FlexNet Manager Suite WebUI (Inventory Settings page as shown as an example in the attached screenshot) (recommended) OR by passing the -o excludedirectory="/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework" on the command line to inventory agent  , Ideally prohibited version of java should be removed on Mac OR update problematic default system Java to Java for OS X 2017-001 (workaround by apple i think). 
  • Disable java scan on Mac by passing command line switch -o PerformJavaScan=false (Not recommended, what if commercial Oracle java is also installed on the Mac device that required license)

Hope this information will help.



Hi @kclausen & @AamerSharif ,

Will go through the inputs and that may most probably clarifies the issue i guess, will work as suggested and Thanks a Lot.