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All Inventory - Mass Search

Hi All,

Does anyone know of a way I can do a mass search to retrieve all entries specified?


For example if I wanted the all inventory to show only the device Computer1 and also the server Server1 I would go to the advanced filter and change the search to be "Name equals Computer1 or Name equals Server1" and both those and only those devices would show up in all inventory. My real question is for example if I wanted to apply the same concept however look and display a thousand devices. For example the advance filter would be like "Name equals Computer1 or Name equals Server1 or Name equals Computer38928 or Name equals Server8283...etc for one thousand devices. There should be a way where I can easily input the prewriten text such as Computer1;Server1;Computer38928;Server8283...etc and the filter would OR all of them?

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What I am getting at is that there should be a way where I can go to advanced filter, click "Name", click "OR", then in the text box put in Computer1,Server1,Computer8274,Server8283 and have it functionally search, find, and then display all 4 of them.

Instead I have to go to advanced filter, click "OR", click the +, click "Name", click "Contains", then type out "Computer1", then click the +, click "Name", click "Contains", then type out "Server1", then click the +, click "Name", click "Contains", then type out Computer8274 etc. There is no way to search for a mass amount of devices efficiently. 

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You can use the "Is any of" option which is easier, but it will still force you to click a + sign to add each item for the list.. I agree, it would be easier to just enter a comma delimited list.. I would recommend submitting an enhancement ticket to support for that option.

Hi Forum,

This is a valid question and can the moderators take it up to the enhancement team to get this kind of serach enabled.


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