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Hi All,

I am planning to upgrade our agents to the latest version 2022 R1, Just want to know will there are any risks in deploying 2022R1 because our infrastructure is running on 2021 R1.


Vinay Ilapakurty.

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We have upgraded more than 9k Agent & didn't face any issue till now. 

Something to consider is any impact of .  Not exactly related to your question about compatibility, but we had to back out our started rollout of the 2022R1 agents because of it.  2022R1 agents feeding a 2021R1 application wasn't an issue for us - the 2022R1 agent code was.

@colmkw2 I came here to say the same thing about IOK-819328.  Fortunately for us, the issue was identified before a mass upgrade and we only had to back-rev a few hundred devices.