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licencing application by non Prod and Prod devices separately


I have a Tibco application that needs to be licenced by processor and device environment (Role).

i.e. I have 4 processor licences for Prod devices and 8 processors for non -Prod.

I created 2 licences of type Processor, both related to application ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks:

1. TIBCO Software ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks PRODUCTION

2. TIBCO Software ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks NON-PRODUCTION

I used Exemption by Role to exclude non Prod from Prod licence and Prod from Non-Prod licence.

It seems that once it is exempted by role on one licence it will not be used on the other.

Please advise on best way to manage this licence requirement.

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Setting a device role, and setting an exemption reason on a license, does not imply any preferential relationship between device and license. In other words, there is no attempt to match devices with specific roles against licenses with a matching exception. The association between license and device is calculated as usual, and the exemption is applied later.

You can instead allocate the devices to the appropriate license.