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Agent Troubleshooting ( what all General Steps we can take)

Can someone please help to understand what approach we have to follow when we have to troubleshoot Inventory agent. As per my understanding we can follow following steps (might be I am wrong )

1) check the client being adopted and receiving it's critical configuration  from

(c:\programData\managesoft\managesoft\schedule agent\ schedules ) folder. 

a Sched.his  and b sched.nds files.

2) we can check schedule.log and tracker.log files on (c:windows\temp\Managesoft ) folder.

3) we can check locally cached inventory .ndi on (c: programData\managesoft corp \managesoft\tracker\inventories

4) One more thing we can do . We can run agent schedule and check the inventory uploads location.

Anyone can help with the better way to do it. Please reply with detail process.  

Thanks in Advance !!

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There is a good summary on Agent Troubleshooting in the 'FlexNet Inventory Scanner: Troubleshooting Inventory' page in the 'Gathering FlexNet Inventory' documentation.

In addition to what you mentioned, I think that running 'ndschedag.exe' from the command line (run it with Administrator user) will provide some additional information, specifically on the upcoming tasks to be executed by the Flexera agent.

thanks etcp trace will also help !

If it's a brand new installation, the very first thing I usually do is confirm the port is open between the agent device and the beacon.  With Windows devices you can run "Test-NetConnection -port 80 {beacon} -InformationLevel Detailed" from an administrator Powershell window.  If you use the name of the device in the "DEPLOYSERVERURL" entry in your mgssetup.ini, you will also be testing that DNS will resolve the name.

Hi, Can you share few snapshot of commands and results 🙂 

Thanks in advance. 

@darren_haehnel  : I think we done that port setting thing when we configure our beacon under Local web server (self - hosted web server) .  but this is also an import point to check. 

I usually check Installation.log for new installs and tracker.log for what the agent did (or didn't do).  These logs usually give me enough information to know where to look next.