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Giving access to FlexNet Manager Suite without AD connections

Hi Flexera community,

I am thinking of giving people access to FNMS without the ability to create account in FNMS Web console because we do not have AD connections yet.

I am aware of the stored procedure to create an account and give it the Full Admin, but when I run that no new account is created with the 'DOMAIN\samaccountname' that I specify in the Stored Procedure even it said it updated in multiple tables.

EXEC dbo.GrantCurrentOperatorFullAccess 'DOMAIN\samaccountname'


Does anyone have an idea of how to give people access without the AD connection? Every ideas is grateful. Thank you.


Kind Regards,


(3) Replies

That functions requires that the user is part of table  dbo.ComplianceOperator
You could add the user manually by using the stored procedure ComplianceOperatorAdd

DECLARE @CreationDate datetime
SELECT @CreationDate = GETDATE()
EXEC ComplianceOperatorAdd @OperatorLogin = 'DOMAIN\samaccountname', @CreationDate = @CreationDate, @IsEnabled = 1 

This, or perhaps, if you have your domain already in FNMS, you could also manually create a user and assign it to the domain in the WebUI:

Once the user is in the "All Users" list, you should be able to pick it as an operator. It will not work with users without domain. If you're missing the domain, you can add it with the stored procedure "ComplianceDomainAdd".

You can create FNMS accounts that authenticate against local Windows user accounts on your FNMS application server. This works only if your application server and the SQL server that FNMS is using are running on the same device. This also is not supported officially ...

Configuring this type of authentication requires a few manual updates on some FNMS database tables. Here is a summary of the required steps:

  1. Add the name of the application server to the [ComplianceDomain] table. You can use an existing stored procedure for this. The following example assumes that your application server computer name is “Flexapp.local”:  exec ComplianceDomainAdd 'FLEXAPP.local', 'FLEXAPP'.
  2. Create a local user in the Web UI via Enterprise -> Create a user.  Ensure the domain is populated as the machine name of the server. In our previous example, this would be FLEXAPP\username.
  3. Create an FNMS user account under Accounts -> Create an account, selecting the user that you created in the previous step. Assign a role to this user account and make sure it is “active”.
  4. Log into FNMS using the newly created FNMS account.