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Advance Reporting Last Used Date from FSM in FNMS

I'm trying to pull the last used date from a FSM feed into FNMS. It's the last used date for the online subscription for Visio and Project. Is there a way to pull it via advance reporting? I can't seem to find the applicable table to match up the consumption view for the subscription.

I essentially want to tie the subscription data to HR and location data that is present in FNMS.

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A couple of clarifying questions:

  • Do you merely miss the last used date for Project and Visio, i.e. do you see last used date in FNMS for other SaaS apps managed with FSM?
  • Do you see the relevant dates in the 'LAST ACTIVITY' column in the Users tab for Project and Visio in FSM?


I see the last used activity for web based access through FSM in the GUI. The issue here is how do I get that in the advanced reporting so I can also report against other user and location attributes in FNMS? The GUI section in FNMS for the FSM data for project and visio is very limited in what columns are allowed. I was looking for a way to replicate it in advance reporting so I can bring in more attributes.


Thanks, I think I understand what you mean now, i.e. the detailed report included doesn't expose the org. unit associations available in the UI view:


You may want to raise an idea about this request as I guess many other organizations may vote this request up to get implemented through the ideas portal.