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TIBCO Licensing

What's the trick to getting FNMS to discover my TIBCO installed apps, specifically for processor based licensing?  I can see ONLY desktop products from TIBCO.  Any advice is appreciated.



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Level 16 Champion
Level 16 Champion

Hi Shelby,

I would suggest, you need to make sure the "recognition chain" is working:

  • How's the application installed?
    • What type of OS?
    • Is it an installer/is it listed in the OS's paket manager?
  • If it's not an installer, can specific files be used for recognition?
    • If the agent is installed, is file scanning activated? 
  • Is the inventory solution / agent picking this information (installer) up (see ndi)?
  • Can the results be seen in FNMS (see inventory db/imported evidences/unrecognized evidences)?
  • Are the evidences mapped to applications?

Best regards,


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Hi @shelby_day ,

did you find a solution or workaround in identifying the applications installed on servers or you got any suggestions from support if you have raised a case for this with flexera ?



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