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IBM PVU Inventory Device not in "Archived" after deletion

Hi folks,

I have a strange (undocumented) behaviour in FNMS2023R1.

I did the following steps:

  1.  Set the Inventory Device status to "Ignored" -> The device has IBM PVU software installed
  2.  Delete the same Inventory Device

The behaviour I've expected is that the device will be moved to the archived inventory as there is IBM PVU software installed on it. But unfortunately the device was deleted completely. Therefor all the historical data for this specific device for the IBM reporting was deleted, too.

Question: is this working like designed? Does anyone know why this happens? I looked through the whole documentation but didn't find anything about this.

Thanks in advance,


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Hello, I confirm. The point is that ignored devices are most often off devices, and that we do not want that off devices count in the quarter where there were not present. 

Example : in February, a device is dismounted, it may be ignored only in April and then counted in Q2 peak.