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AD Import and HR Import over writing Full Name of User



We have the default import of users from AD running. This is importing a thin (account name, full name) view of user data. 

We created a second business adapter to enrich the user data with first name, last name, locations, cost centers, corporate units etc...

I am seeing the User full name flip back and forth between this two updates. AD updates user to <First Name> <Last Name> <LDAPID>. Our HR import is not setting Full Name at all but we are setting First/Last name which seems to trigger an update to Full Name.


Question -> how can I stop the HR update from updating Full Name of user? Or should I be augmenting the AD pull in place of creating a new adapter? History for the users is getting an update twice a day now which is not great.

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You cannot change the AD Adapter, it is fixed.  In addition, there is a DB Trigger where if you enter/modify First Name and Last Name on a User record, the Full Name is automatically updated.

My suggestion would be to create an additional Business Importer on the Beacon to connect to AD LDAP and update First and Last Name from AD.  That way, it will be in sync with the AD Full Name.  Then, change your HR Adapter so that it is only updating Business Data (Location, Corporate Unit, etc.) and do not change First/Last Name.

That may be the way to go assuming the huge list of AD users is required for flexera to function. We use functional accounts, service accounts and others in addition to regular user accounts. 


Does the AD ootb integration mark accounts inactive from AD if marked as not active in AD?

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Or you could disable the Beacon AD Import (assuming you don't need user SIDs for Citrix'n'stuff) and just use your Business Adapter.