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The latest monthly patch for Data Platform, 5.5.55, is available as of the end of July 2022.


This release brings in the following enhancement:

  • a check box under Preferences in Admin Console to enable or disable the proxy server when an import is run for ServiceNow and Casper data sources.


This release also provides several bug fixes which includes:

  • an issue of displaying "0" in Normalized CPU speed field In ServiceNow when CPU speed is empty.
  • an issue with test connection hanging with Simple Mashup.
  • an issue with Normalize failing with this error “The referenced entity 'BDNA20220330014_GR' was modified during DDL execution. Please retry the operation.”
  • a “Cannot Load Tapi” error when running Data Platform config wizard after upgrading to 5.5.53.
  • an issue with patch upgrade from 5.5.53 to 5.5.54 failing with this error “Could not find stored procedure 'DROP VIEW DIM_N_SYSTEM_V'. Cannot alter 'DIM_N_SYSTEM_V' because it is not a table.”

Details on 5.5.55 (July 2022) release can be found in the release notes posted in the documentation section of Data Platform.