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Part of IBM Hardware products have been migrated to Lenovo Group

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IBM’s x86 Server Business has been acquired by Lenovo. Please refer to the following link: Technopedia has made these changes accordingly. Rel...
by Flexera aalfonso Flexera

Not able to login User Console UI after applying 5.5.20 patch

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Symptoms: After applying the 5.5.20 patch, the User Console UI is not accessible through IE/Edge browser. There is no error message on the User Interface, but it appears as though the user was logged in for just a second and the page refreshed back ...
by Flexera gliu Flexera

Normalize Mapping Cube

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The 5.5.* Normalize Mapping cube, Unmatched Package report, and Unmatched Files report are disabled by default. This is due to the MatchAddremove and MatchExe configuration settings being disabled in order to improve performance. Please see below if...
by Flexera RQuinn Flexera

How to force a full Technopedia catalog sync

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If you need to force a full Technopedia catalog sync please follow the steps below: In the BDNA database run the following: update BDNA.dbo.TECHNOPEDIA_VERSIONS set PKG_ID=-1 where '_src' = 'TECHNOPEDIA'; The next time you run a Technopedia catalog...
by Flexera RQuinn Flexera