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Windows Mail 6.2

Windows Mail 6.2 is identified as obsolete as of Jan 10, 2023.  I have two questions about this:

1) Is it possible that the intent was a date of Oct 10, 2023 (10/10/2023) rather than Jan 10, 2023 (1/10/2023).  This would align it with the EOL for Window 2012.

2) Our investigation found that Windows Mail 6.2 is included as part of the install for Windows 2016 and shows as a system file (so would be added back with patching).  We also could not finding anything online to show an EOL date for Windows Mail 6.2 independent of the OS itself. 

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Thanks for reaching out to Flexera support.

The content team is looking into this issue. We will provide an update soon. 

Best regards.

Don't think I ever saw a response to this question.  Currently, I believe you are showing Windows Mail 6.2 (cat_sw_uuid:  30162726) as obsolete.

Hi @phe6psm ,

Apologies for the delay in response.

I have received the Flexera Data Platform User console information. I will check with the team with the details shared. 


Thank you. 

Hi @phe6psm ,

The EOL/OBS date has been updated to 12/31/2024 for the requested Product /Release Microsoft Windows Mail 6.2 Rrelease ID: 30162726) based on the link:


Thank you.