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Permission issue on the BDNA program files folder.

Hi Support,We’ve got insecure service file permissions, and we’ll need to ratchet these down to an appropriate security; I guess we’ll need guidance from your support?There are the existing permissions how it looks like at the current state.We don't ...

User Console Fields

Is there a documents that explains the fields available in more detail when creating and Analyzer Report?  I know you can hover over them and get additional info on some of the fields, but was wondering if there was anything available that breaks dow...

Matching Data in a mashup

I am trying to import a CSV into data platform as a software mashup I am keying on KEY-ProductID:Software but when I review the imported data in the User console and try to create a report on the data all i get is Not available. Do i need to relate i...


FNMS DataSource Extractor - Processor Data

Hi @ll,I was wondering why all my normalized FNMS - DataPlatform inventories has their computer model as CPU model.I've checked the fnms.extractor.config and found the following querys to collect processor data from FNMS.  <Table Type="GS_PROCESSO...

2019-10-22 20_24_35-DSQL101EN on (Work Resources).png

Solved Mashups

When doing mashups if your CSV file contains both hardware and software do you need to separate them before pulling the data into Data Platform

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