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Issue with patch hanging for 5.5.65

If you are currently using perpetual licenses then please update you perpetual licenses to use the 9.3 version for User Console. If the issues persists afterwards, then you can try the following steps below.

There is currently a bug with the 5.5.65 patch which changes the web.xml and sets the the UC installation value to the default value. This causes the patch to hang.

The following below is a work around to prevent the patch from hanging:

1. Go to your User Console server

2.Edit the web.xml and web-Analyze.xml files in the Tools\Tomcat\webapps\bdna\web-inf directory.

3. You will need to change the solution-path param-value to your User Console solution path. Below is an example of the path and what needs to be changed. (This needs to be done AFTER the pentaho update has been applied via the patch)


4. Restart User Console and Admin Console will then complete the patch


If you wish to check to make sure the patch has completed, the following should show up in the updater.log for User Console 

2023-06-05 11:08:51,817 0 INFO  Start service [UserConsoleService] succeed using ServiceController.
2023-06-05 11:08:51,817 0 INFO  Action executed successfully. [37][ServiceAction]
2023-06-05 11:08:52,036 0 INFO  the history file is [D:\Program Files\BDNA\User Console\bin\UpdateHistory.csv]
2023-06-05 11:08:52,051 0 INFO  [Normal]UpdateHistory info: [FILE_NAME: D:\Program Files\BDNA\User Console\tmp\], [EXIT_CODE: 0], [MESSAGE: Expecting 0. [return:1] ]
2023-06-05 11:08:52,067 0 INFO  Is User Console? [True]


(2) Replies

Mine seems to be taking forever in laying down the Pentaho upgrade. I'm in over an hour so far. Was that the case for you as well and it also hung up after that?

File web-standalone.xml in the Tools\Tomcat\webapps\bdna\WEB-INF directory also has the default User Console solution path.