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Create new software products via API / REST API for Data Platform

By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Data Platform Experts,

beside creating new software products via the user console would it be possible for Data Platform 5.5.3x on premise to create new software products  in our private catalog also via using the API / REST API and would there be any examples being available on how to do so as there seems to be no documentation about his topic available yet.

Thanks & best regards


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Hello Oliver,

Did you ever get any response on this or figure it out? We would like to use API to drive automation on the Private catalog piece. Thus far I have only found API documentation that describes querying the Technopedia data.

Kind regards,


Hi Weylin,

for now this is not supported yet, but the performance was improved when creating your own software products via the Flexera Data Platform User Console.

Maybe you should place this request also within Flexera Ideas to get more transparence on how many customers are waiting for this enhancement and get some votes on it. 

Thanks & best regards


@WeylinEvans We are using the private catalogue in our company and are definitely wanting to find a quicker/easily way to add data to the Private catalogue. 

We would love to here about how your company is using it. Would you be interested in chatting with us outside of this community?  A call would be great but even if just chat via messages.  

We would love to touch base with ANYONE else using the Private catalogue. Please message me if your interested to chat.  

thanks Penny

We have similar request :

Hence, created an idea please vote here :


Hi Oliver,

there is an official BDNA Data Platform API reference document released in 2017 which I could share with you. (and all other community members interested - just send me a short notice). Although the specifications aren't  really detailed it gives valuable hints on how to use the REST API calls and includes some rudimentary examples on how to create, modify and delete private catalog entries. 

However, support for the REST API has been discontinued by Flexera. So API calls may no longer work in newer versions of Flexera Data Platfom and only community help is available.

Like Weylin and Penny we quite heavily use the private catalog and would indeed benefit from an active  interface. So far we've been rather reluctant to impement such a solution because its future looks very incertain. Any findings on this issue and working examples are most welcome!

Best regards,

Please add your Vote for the idea here :