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Solved Lifecycle data for cloud services?

Can anyone tell me whether Data Platform captures Lifecycle data for cloud services, in particular AWS? We recently received a notification for AWS Lambda end of support for Node.js 10* via an email from AWS. My question is whether Flexera would be a...

Ignore Unmatched items

We've found a couple of items in the unmatched file that we neither want to add to the Private Catalog nor track.  I thought there was a way to set an unmatched item to be "ignored" .Is that correct? If so how do we do that?Any advice would be greatl...

Private Catalog and Mash Ups

Has anyone added mashup data to Private catalog product entries?  I've found that the Private Catalog productIDs start with a dash (e.g. - 123). When I create the software mashup file, should I include the dash in the productID field or not?  

Solved Latest Technopedia DB size and how get

All,What is the size of the current Technopedia DB and how can I get it for a non-internet connected environment? Simple download and install? I need this for a proposal that is short on time.Can you tell I'm a newb?Many Thanks!Pete

pjoran by Level 3
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Solved ProductName in Technopedia vs AddRemovePrograms in windows

I am trying to create a match between the name of products in Technopedia and the name of products found in the AddRemovePrograms list in windows. Since a lot of names don't match, I'm looking for a way to create this match without checking every nam...

EmileCD by Level 2
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Solved Mashup Process | Changes

Hi, our mash up data could and would change regularly and as we're new to data platform, I wanted to test how a change would be processed and appear in resulting reports.  It didn't turn out as I expected.  Here's what I did: First Mashup fileKEY-Hos...

Solved Count rows in analyzer report

Hi, I'm feeling very stupid today, I can't seem to work out how to get a plain simple count of the number of "SYS hostname".  I've tried "SYS Count" but it provides a total for each data source (e.g. if host is found in SCCM and FNMS, the count is 2)...

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