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Private catalogue product to component mapping

Hi All,

Just wondering how everyone else is handling the registration of multiple components for a product within the FDP Private Catalog? I am finding it is one to one between product and component and therefore in the below example I have to create multiple products so that I can have multiple components.... anyone else in this boat or are we going too detailed with the mapping?

This is what i have to do... which kind of makes the component field superfluous to need as I am having to include it in the Product Name field which is then selected in the Software field name.

ManufacturerFamilyProductComponentSoftwareMarket VersionVersionPKG Name
Acme CorporationSoftware FamilySoftware AdminAdminSoftware Admin11.0.1Acme.SoftwareFamily.Admin.1.0.1
Acme CorporationSoftware FamilySoftware DriverDriverSoftware Driver11.1.2Acme.SoftwareFamily.Driver.1.1.2
Acme CorporationSoftware FamilySoftware FinaliserFinaliserSoftware Finaliser11.1.2Acme.SoftwareFamily.Finaliser.1.1.2
Acme CorporationSoftware FamilySoftware ProcessorProcessorSoftware Processor11.0.1Acme.SoftwareFamily.Processor.1.0.1
Acme CorporationSoftware FamilySoftware ExtractorExtractorSoftware Extractor22.2.2Acme.SoftwareFamily.Extractor.2.2.2
Acme CorporationSoftware FamilySoftware UpdaterUpdaterSoftware Updater22.0.1Acme.SoftwareFamily.Updater.2.0.1
Acme CorporationSoftware FamilySoftware MatcherMatcherSoftware Matcher33.0.0Acme.SoftwareFamily.Matcher.3.0.0


This is what I thought I could do... or am I completely barking up the wrong tree and have assumed the wrong definition of component and/or are using the private catalogue incorrectly?  Can someone also tell me why release is mandatory in the private catalogue but contains the same info as the software market/version field?

ManufacturerFamilyProductComponentSoftwareMarket VersionVersionPKG Name
Acme CorporationSoftware FamilySoftwareAdminSoftware11.0.1Acme.SoftwareFamily.Admin.1.0.1
Acme CorporationSoftware FamilySoftwareDriverSoftware11.1.2Acme.SoftwareFamily.Driver.1.1.2
Acme CorporationSoftware FamilySoftwareFinaliserSoftware11.1.2Acme.SoftwareFamily.Finaliser.1.1.2
Acme CorporationSoftware FamilySoftwareProcessorSoftware11.0.1Acme.SoftwareFamily.Processor.1.0.1
Acme CorporationSoftware FamilySoftwareExtractorSoftware22.2.2Acme.SoftwareFamily.Extractor.2.2.2
Acme CorporationSoftware FamilySoftwareUpdaterSoftware22.0.1Acme.SoftwareFamily.Updater.2.0.1
Acme CorporationSoftware FamilySoftwareMatcherSoftware33.0.0Acme.SoftwareFamily.Matcher.3.0.0



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Anybody else using the private catalogue or just us?


In Technopedia, component is just a metadata of a product. There's no established relationship between a product and multiple components. Therefore, when you need to create multiple components of the same product, you're going to need to create a brand new product for each component. This behavior is not just in private catalog, but also in "public" catalog. This is something that we planned on improving in Flexera One Technopedia.

As for why a release is required, a release is a combo of product + version + (optionally) edition. When you pick a product with no edition, product + version becomes release (i.e., release will be identical with version). However, when you pick a product with editions, then product + version + edition will be different from product + version. That's why the granularity is needed at the release level.

Hope that helps.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

- Resno