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Remove and Add to collection to get SCCM package to run

Having issues with several SCCM packages where they will not initiate until you remove them from the Collection Membership and add them back in the Status tab of the request.

They will eventually kick off but it is hours to days and reboots later.

What would be a cause for App Portal adding them to the collection membership but they don't show added to the Collection (all of the about have Machine Policy success)?

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

It would appear that this may be caused when a subsequent reinstall attempt is made prior to the collection being cleaned after a prior successful install.. Once the device has been removed from the install collection, App Portal will no longer receive a status back from SCCM so the reinstall will appear to hang.. One possible solution would be to increase the collection cleanup timer so that it fires more frequently.. By doing this, the collection would be cleaned up more quickly after a successful install, and it would be much less likely to impact a reinstall request. 

Another thing I've stumbled across recently (though I don't think it's the cause in this particular case) is that App Portal can add a device to a direct membership rule on a collection even if that device does not fall within the parent limiting collection.  The end result is that App Portal will indicate the device has been successfully added to the collection and may even indicate a successful policy refresh.  However, since the device is not part of the parent limiting collection, it will never actually be added to the collection membership of the target collection and will therefore not receive the policy either.  Since you said you can remove the device and re-add it to the collection and have it succeed, I don't think this is the issue you're experiencing, but just wanted to bring attention to this scenario.  I suppose it's also possible that you could have two devices with the same name (perhaps different domains) and that App Portal is putting the wrong one into the collection rule.  Then when you remove that and re-add the "correct" device, it succeeds.

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