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AP Search bar behavior - "Search Catalog" text

We have customer feedback surveys that folks can submit after requests are fulfilled, in order to provide feedback on their experience.    We regularly get feedback regarding the search bar and how it is difficult to find (which surprises me to be honest).   One thing we do notice though,  when you first connect and the "weclome" page is displayed, the search bar has the text "Search Catalog" showing.    However, when browsing for catalog items, the "Search Catalog" text does NOT appear by default unless you click inside the search box.  I am guessing that this is may be what is causing some confusion for the customer.

I know this sounds silly, but is there a way that we can make this text appear by default, rather than requiring a click in the box?. 

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran
Can you tell me if this is occurring for IE only? I saw an old issue in our database, where there was an issue with IE, where "search catalog" would no longer appear after selecting a category. The same did not happen for Chrome. It was assumed that this was resolved, because AP no longer forced IE 9 compatibility, and QA could no longer reproduce in 10.0.7.. Perhaps the issue persists..
I should note that I can reproduce this still in IE 11, but not in chrome.
Finally, I can not reproduce any longer if I set the Document mode to IE 11... Not sure if this would be a possibility for you.

On my Windows 7 machine, I didn't have Document Mode 11, only had up to 10, plus Edge.   I do remember at some point there was a reason why we needed to be Doc Mode 9, but maybe that is not a requirement anymore?

When I changed Document Mode to "Edge" (on my Win7 box) the behavior went away and the "Search Catalog" text was visible...however as soon as I close "IE developers tools" in the browser I get a error: "Line: 1 Error: Object doesn't support property or method 'trim'" and the page stops rendering properly and the site is unusable all together.... 





We are definately still using IE11 here as the perferred browser for App Portal...