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Solved Confirming Install for ServiceNow Ticket Closure

Could someone please help me understand how App Broker, when using ServiceNow as the front end, confirms software has been successfully installed and therefore closes the ServiceNow request/ticket? A customer is looking for details on how this works....

Solved ServiceNow Authentication Error with App Broker

A customer has the ServiceNow connection set up (to be used as the front end ui, with App Broker as the backend) with App Broker and the tests pass and catalog items sync to ServiceNow, but the ServiceNow admin has brought to my attention that there ...

Solved How to display a lot of Catalog Items in ServiceNow

A customer implementing App Broker is looking to import around 700 Catalog Items into the tool, and is using it with ServiceNow as the front end. It looks as though the only way to display catalog items in ServiceNow that are mapped to their counterp...

Solved Leasing Functionality Clarification Needed

Hello - This is my second post on here as I am new to the Flexera/App Portal space and I have some clarification needed for a functionality on Leasing in App Portal v. 2019 R1 have a Leased catalog item that has the option enabled:Allow u...

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Solved App Broker Support for ServiceNow Paris

What is the expected timeline for App Broker to support ServiceNow Paris? Are there any expected changes with Paris that could cause compatibility problems with current App Broker versions? The customer I'm working with now has already begun upgradin...