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Solved App Broker Support for ServiceNow Paris

What is the expected timeline for App Broker to support ServiceNow Paris? Are there any expected changes with Paris that could cause compatibility problems with current App Broker versions? The customer I'm working with now has already begun upgradin...

Using middleware for App Broker and FNMS integration

A customer is looking to use middleware and API's for connecting App Broker to Cloud FNMS because their security team recommended it due to the fact that AB is on-prem and FNMS is in the cloud. Wondering if anyone has seen or done something like this...

Solved Security around App Broker and Cloud FNMS connection

A customer has strict requirements around connections made directly to outside of their network/data center without going through some type of middleware and is wondering about some of the details regarding how App Broker connects to Cloud FNMS to pe...

Solved MyApp Reclamation Error for MSDTC not being enabled

@jdempsey @CharlesW I was hoping you could help with the following errors I'm receiving. I have installed the hotfix that Charles provided for the field "has uninstall program" and it solved that issue, but when the scheduled task runs to process ale...

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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Solved Two App Broker Environments Using Single SCCM

A customer is looking to implement both a dev and prod App Broker instance and currently only has one SCCM environment to point them both to. I'm sure that if they were to go this route there should be some best practices to take into consideration t...

Solved License Reclamation - Has Uninstall Program: false

I am setting up license reclamation using My Apps. I noticed that even though the apps in my catalog have uninstall programs associated to them the "Has Uninstall Program" is still set to False. Is this  specific to the SmartUninstall executable or i...

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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Solved Interactive Login for App Broker Install

I know interactive login rights aren't required for steady state App Portal/App Broker, but for the installation of App Broker - does the service account need to have interactive login rights or can it be properly installed without it?

Solved License Reclamation

I am trying to understand how to setup license reclamation. We have App Portal integrated with FNM. Is it required to setup reclamation settings in the FlexNet Manager Suite > License Reclamation tab AND the Compliance Management > My Apps tab for it...

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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