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Solved Used/Utilized in View All Inventory page?..

Hello, I've had the following question asked me by an App Portal user, 'in the "View all Inventory" screen. There are different columns for "Used" and "Utilized". I understand what "Used" is, but I'd like to know what "Utilized" is.'I'd like to know ...

Solved User Computer Relationship

In the ConfigMgr tab there are two entries for mapping a user to a computer -- - User/Computer Relationship- User Computer Relationship View How do these two fields differ in execution? Is it necessary to have both configured and is there a benefit t...

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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Solved Making the most out of Categories

We don’t make use of Categories very well in our App Portal. Our users only search for applications, never browse.I’d like to set up intuitive categories but am at a loss at where to start. We have 1000+ applications.We don’t have our App Portal inte...

NicOla by Level 7
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Solved App Broker Web Extensions Documentation

Is there any good (recent) App Broker documentation on using Web Extensions?   What browser versions are supported?  (Chrome/FireFox/Edge)We are looking at leveraging these if possible.   Thank you. 

Solved App Portal and SCCM collections

Is there a way to prevent App Portal from just adding a target to an SCCM collection if it's already in the collection? (eg the user is impatient and the deployment hasn't finished but the user submits another request) 

sara_b by Level 4
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Solved AppPortal API Permission

On documentation of App Portal 2019, FNMS Integration tab, it is mentioned that we need to restrict the permission of "http://server/esd/api.asmx"Enable App Portal API (http://server/esd/api.asmx) You should modify NTFS Permissions on the api.asmx fi...

CountESDLicense Execution Timeout Expired

We are seeing the CountESDLicense task fail periodically due to timeouts. Is there a place to increase this timeout length so the error doesn't keep recurring? 

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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