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Questions and Question Templates associated with Catalog Items

We created Questions and Question Templates in App Broker and they are linked to Catalog Items.So, we have 3 tables in DB WD_QuestionWD_QuestionTemplateWD_WebpackagesHow can I find out which Question Template is associated with which Catalog item?WD_...

Gauraav by Level 4
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Solved Reclamation switch to Retirement issue

Ran a license reclamation a few months back on an applications to find out who is still using the application get as many uninstalled as possible. Last week disabled the License reclamation and setup a retire campaign for the same application and ARL...

PBolles by Level 6
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Approval workflow modified report

I would like to get a report on requests where the Approval workflow has been modified. Ideally where level 1 or level 2 workflow approvers have been removed. Is this possible – even if it’s a direct DB query.We’re still running 2019R1.

NicOla by Level 7
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Solved Update image for Catalog items

I want to update images for 100+ of my App Portal catalog items. Can I upload all the .png files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\App Portal\Web\Backgrounds\PackagesThen run the following SQL update: update WD_WebPackagesset ImagePath = 'pg...

NicOla by Level 7
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Solved CC'ing Target Manager on Notification Requirement

I have a requirement to see about configuring the CC property of our License Reclamation notification emails to have the Manager of the Target user of the alert. We have some scenarios where some of our targets do not always check email, and business...

elewis by Level 4
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Solved App Broker and InTune

Does App Broker work with InTune? From the documentation we see it only works with SCCM. Is there some technical information or someone we can talk to about implementing?

Solved Reinstallation\Rerun

Looking to understand the "Enable Reinstallation\Rerun" flag under the Global subtab for a catalog item. The documentation states -- "Allows a client to Rerun a program after it has been installed. This action will remove the previous execution flag ...

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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Solved Reclamation Machine Status and Last Inventory Date

 2019 R1 and I've been seeing alerts generated in My Apps for machines in FNMS where the status is set to ignored and the last inventory date is in the past and wondering if this is as designed or perhaps I need to use some type of exclude view.The r...