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App Portal Error on a MAC: The Machine Is Not Present

Hi we're getting an error that a machine is offline and not present on the JAMF sever when trying to chose a target device. during checkout I am not familiar at all with the JAMF server, but the admin advised that the JAMF instance is fully functiona...

Solved App Portal SQL Query to Get Catalog Item Visibility Groups

We recently migrated our SCCM environment and stood up a separate App Portal instance.  We used a script to perform a bulk import of our existing catalog items, but some of them did not come over with the correct visibility settings.  Most of our obj...

Solved approveRequest API

I’m interested in using the approveRequest API.If I have a Catalog item which has an approval workflow with two or more levels of approvers, can I use this API to approve just one level?If I approve a request with this API – does it approve for all a...

NicOla by Level 7
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App Portal integration with ServiceNow

We are running into issues integrating with ServiceNow, we believe that there may be one or more ServiceNow components that are not currently installed in our environment.   Would it be possible to get a list of ServiceNow modules and version require...

Solved UAT App Portal

We have an Dev App Portal in a separate test environment – integrating with test AD and test SCCM.Our Prod App Portal is integrated with our prod AD and Prod SCCM.I’d like to build a UAT App Portal, I’m wondering if it was possible to set up a UAT Ap...

NicOla by Level 7
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Solved ESDWebService Compatibility with SCCM/MECM 2107

Has anyone seen compatibility issues between App Portal and MECM 2107? We have upgraded to the newer version of MECM in our company lab and a customer lab and the ESDWebService no longer functions. This the stack trace from the MECM server's IIS logs...

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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