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Solved App Portal Connection String For Azure

We migrated our App Portal environment to Azure.   We are only able to get it to connect to the database by using a plain text user ID and password in the connection strings in the web.config files.   We can't leave it with a plain text password.  We...

Solved Updating WD_WebPackageKeyword

We have been hard at work collection descriptions and key search words for our 1500 App Portal Catalog items. I’m trying to get the SQL updates together so I can run against the DB.Update Description is easy:                Update WD_WebPackages Set ...

NicOla by Level 7
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Excluding collections in AppPortal

Background:  We have hardware peripherals and software in App Portal.  We have limited App Portal to only allow software installs on desktops and laptops.  We used an exclude collection under Site Management - Settings - WebSite that excludes all ser...

Solved How to restrict access for contractors

I would like to know if we are able to restrict access for set of users or contractors accessing the App Portal in their machine. In my case, my contractor is able to access the App Portal and place a software request in his NONE company's computer w...

Solved Can someone confirm if errors with GetGroupsFromActiveDirectory indicates an with AppPortal or AppBroker or ActiveDirectory?

I am trying to determine why access to our AppPortal GUI appeared to be unavailable for a certain time period or if the authentication attempt issues was a result of AppPortal trying to validate software requests to SCCM.  I would guess an issue with...

Solved How does App Broker determine which license to choose?

How does App Broker determine which license to reserve when an application is both a stand-alone and part of a suite? For example, Adobe Acrobat Pro is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams suite, but is also a stand-alone application with its o...

App Broker integration with Azure (Gov Cloud)

Just curious if anyone has been able to successfully integrate App Broker (2021 R2) with Azure/Intune Goverment Cloud?We are trying to work through some errors:Error while getting master roles  Response status code does not indicate success: 401 (Una...