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Solved Can you send Keywords to ServiceNow via 'meta' column in ITSM Create ServiceNow Import Set Record?

Trying to send keywords from AppPortal to ServiceNow in 'meta' field of the ITSM "Create ServiceNow Import Set Record".  Is there  a way to do this without using custom fields since Keywords are part of the catalog item? I was hoping I could just map...

My Apps exclude view

I have a my apps exclude view for a specific set of devices in our environment where we do not want software harvested.  I am seeing that even though these devices fit the My Apps Exclude view criteria the software is being harvested from them.  Are ...

Solved Adding New Approver to Workflow to Replace the Current Approver

If an approver who has requests in their queue waiting to be approved leaves the company and is being replaced by another person, if we add a new approver to the same level as the previous approver will all approvals waiting in the previous approvers...

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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ServiceNow logs?

When using ServiceNow as the front-end for making App Portal requests, are there log files generated that shows actions initiated from ServiceNow to App Portal?  If so, where are these located? Thanks.

Solved Notification template used for Upgrade / Retire Campaign

If selecting the "notify user" option in the campaign configuration, which notification email template is used for these notifications?Also, will these retire and upgrade alerts appear on the current or resolved alerts section of the MyApps tab of th...

App Portal

Hello,Recently we had a AD security group created that changes daily and added the security group to the Catalog section of App Portal so users would be able to see the software catalog. For some odd reason users would only have access to see the sof...