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OS Deployment with ServiceNow Front End

When utilizing OSD with App Broker, but also using ServiceNow as the front end ui - does ServiceNow call the Catalog Item and go through the request in App Broker, or does it call the task sequence directly in SCCM? 

Solved Send One Approval Notification to all Users in a DL

We would like to send one email to all approvers in a AD Distribution List group at once instead of each approver receiving an email individually.   In the To: Field we expected it to show the Distribution List name but it shows each individual email...

Solved App Broker and Tanium Deploy

Are there any future plans to integrate App Broker with Tanium Deploy as a deployment technology?

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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Solved CatalogItem.png

It looks like the default icon for new applications is called CatalogItem.pngThis lives in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\App Portal\Web\Backgrounds\Packages folder.Is it ok to overwrite this image with a more preferrable looking one and...

NicOla by Level 7
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Solved App Portal removed Collection but still attempts to insert

Have you all seen a scenario where app portal removes a collection but continues to attempt to insert into that collection? In the log excerpt below you can see the collection deleted on 3-5 but on 3-26 it is attempting to insert again.Excerpts take ...

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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Solved O365 integration

In the new App Portal, there is integration with O365, but I only see that it can create an account? All of my users have accounts, I need to be able to enable additional services (such as Visio online). Is there a way to enable additional services...

Solved License Allocation with O365

I'm looking for some insight on specifically how the App Broker/O365 integration works. I know that it creates user accounts in O365 upon request, but does it handle anything in regards to license allocation? If not, is there a way with App Broker to...