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App Portal

Hello,Recently we had a AD security group created that changes daily and added the security group to the Catalog section of App Portal so users would be able to see the software catalog. For some odd reason users would only have access to see the sof...

Approve all requests

Is it possible to give a user the ability to approval any App Portal request, without giving full admin access?

Solved App Broker/ServiceNow Sync General Catalog Item

If using the following, will the Security Group Tab function work and can you send email notifications setup in App Broker General Catalog item? @jdempsey wrote: With regard to general catalog items and ServiceNow, what Flexera Services does if the c...

PBolles by Level 6
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App Broker/Service Now Cloud Catalog Item

What App Broker features are available with a Cloud Apps Catalog Item sync to ServiceNow? For example if ServiceNow is the Front end user request and you have a Cloud App Catalog item synced to ServiceNow, can you use the "Security Group Tap" feature...

PBolles by Level 6
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Solved Email Notifications not generating on successful installation

We have catalog item templates and catalog items where we have email notifications enabled when the install is successful. We have the two options for sending emails on success and failed installations checked for requestor and targets. I may be miss...

dbeckner by Level 10 Champion
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Solved App Portal Query

Hi Team, We have got a few queries from the customer, could you please help us address them? 1. Can an automated offboarding process be managed by App Portal so that license entitlements for an employee can be removed and reclaimed into the pool for ...

TMGSLM by Level 4
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App Portal / App Broker in Distributed Architecture

Hi team, we have App portal in one of our Data Center in US and user's who are accessing it from other regions (APAC/EMEA) getting slowness coz of network latency. One obvious solution is to reduce network latency. I am looking for an alternate solut...