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WD_ResponseQuestionAuditTrail has inaccurate data

We are on 2021 R2 and we have catalog items requiring approval with requester question templates and approver question templates on the approval workflow.  What we are seeing is when an approver pulls up the request in AppPortal and goes to the Answe...

Solved AppPortal Home Page blank after placing a new order

I am testing our new server behind the F5 that handles the SSL.  One odd thing I have noticed is the Welcome communication.  When I load the page using the F5 for the first browser session, it load with images and the text.After I place an order and ...

AppPortal FNMS integration not working

Did anyone see below error on AppPortal and FNMS integration? It was working well but getting this error now. There was no endpoint listening at that cou...

Solved AppPortal / AppBroker Performance

Hi,A customer is planning to increase their AppPortal scope (500 SCCM collections, 10,000 users). Beyond what the documentation says, are there any recommendations regarding performance, any experience?Application server already has 32GB RAM.Best reg...

mfranz by Level 17 Champion
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Solved Catalog Item Details Report

know this is a old and not related question i am asking again here, but would like to know all catalog items created for last year and their details report. could some one help me

Solved Intune Integration - permissions and setup required

Does anyone have details on what Azure App Permissions are required for the App Broker to Intune integration?Also, what is meant by Principal ID in the UI?  So far I think i've deciphered thatTenant ID=Azure Directory IDClient ID=Azure AD Application...

Solved F5 to handle SSL for App Portal

Hi,We are moving to new infrastructure and our cyber security department is now handling SSL certificates on an F5.  I was told that the F5 will communicate to the App Portal servers via port 80 http, the users will hit the F5 using https.I'm wonderi...