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App Broker Integration with Servicenow

We are trying to Integration App Portal to Servicenow Via App Broker and have followed all configuration steps however we are not seeing the catalog items getting sync to Service nor seeing anything in the logs .

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I think the forum members require more details to be able to provide in troubleshooting guidance, but you may also want to contact Flexera Support instead and have this team provide some guidance.


Do you see any hints in the logs?  Is there any log activity showing at least an attempt to sync catalog items to ServiceNow?  Some things to check would be verifying that the integration account has the correct roles in ServiceNow, checking that sync has been enabled within App Broker (on the ServiceNow Integration page within the App Broker admin UI), and checking that individual catalog items have been marked for sync to ServiceNow (you can do this on the properties dialog for individual catalog items, or there is a button on the ServiceNow Integration page within the App Broker admin UI that allows you to enable all catalog items for sync into ServiceNow).  Also, keep in mind that General catalog items do not sync into ServiceNow.  Only Software catalog items will be synced to ServiceNow, so if you only have General catalog items, that would explain it.

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