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App Portal moving from SCCM to Intune

Hi Flexera community,

We are having a plan to move from SCCM to Intune as a main deployment method for App Portal. Whenever we move the applications to Intune, the application references will be different and it is the Manual job to do the change.

My question is do we have any methods/scripts to change the existing App Portal References from the old SCCM Applications to the new InTune Applications?

Thank you.

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By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran

In integration.asmx (a SOAP web service), there is a function named AddIntuneApp, which you can use to add an Intune application to an existing catalog item. You could use something like this to modify all of your catalog items.. You'd probably create a spreadsheet which mapped your catalog items to Intune applications. This shows how you might call the API in powershell.. Note that I've hard coded the input values.

$integration = "http://localhost/esd/ws/Integration.asmx"

# Set some default values. These woudl typically be read in from a spreadsheet.
$catalogItemID = 3038
$intuneAppType = 'win32'
$applicationID = 'f122719b-b7fa-425c-8804-af8ed5b8cbca'
$createUninstall = $true

$svc = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri $Integration -UseDefaultCredential
$result = $svc.AddIntuneApp( $catalogItemID, $intuneAppType, $applicationID, $createUninstall)