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Solved App Portal redundancy

I need to set up disaster recovery for App Portal and have some questions and wondering if anyone has done this. Datacenter 1 - Current production app server and database running behind an F5.  The F5 currently handles SSL Datacenter 2 - DR app serve...

Solved App Portal/App Broker and Flexera One ITAM Integration

Hello, App Broker community! I'm trying to determine who is using App Portal/App Broker on-premises and connecting to Flexera One ITAM (formerly FNMS Cloud) for license checks/reservations/reclamation/other.  If you are a customer using this integrat...

jdempsey by Moderator
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Solved Manager property not syncing during user-sync

I tried this to update the currently blank AD manager info in app portal for a single user and it didn't work. We also have the "trigger data sync" scheduled task running every 2 hours to incrementally sync user/computer data but that also hasn't upd...

Solved App Portal - Hide approver names

Hey everyone,we are using approval groups with static users or AD groups for our catalog objects (software).The members of the AD groups and the static users are then shown when checking out on the approval page.Is there a possibility to hide those a...

Tipadu by Level 4
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Solved Copy App Broker

I would need to copy App Broker from one server to another in another domain. After I installed AppBroker I thought that copying some folders would at least change the Portal but all it does was to hide the left pane (catalogue). I copied many subfol...

JeanRM by Level 5
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Solved Error during checkout

One of the users reported an issue when trying to checkout a general catalog item.  In looking at the user log for him I found the following error. I've never seen this and he seems to be the only user reporting the problem.  I don't have this .gif i...

Solved Approval email with buttons

Currently, we have a workflow when a user requests AppA, I get an email from the shopping Portal to approvea. Would it be possible for the workflow to send an email to the requestor telling them about optional software AppB instead and provide a link...