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My Apps exclude view

I have a my apps exclude view for a specific set of devices in our environment where we do not want software harvested.  I am seeing that even though these devices fit the My Apps Exclude view criteria the software is being harvested from them.  Are there any known bugs with 2019 R1 and the view not working?  I thought the global view would take precedence over any condition on the compliance item.  My view is very simple:

SELECT MachineName, UniqueName

FROM vUserComputerMap

WHERE ((MachineName LIKE '%xyz%') OR (ADSite LIKE '%xyz%'))

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There are no known bugs related to this functionality in 2019 R1.

Condition Evaluation.png shows the view that gives us the details on include/exclude conditions or views that are set (global/campaign level). This is available for each campaign, each device. Go to Targeted Devices for that campaign and click on – “Is eligible for alert?” Column for the devices which are part of exclude view and are still getting processed.

Another check is the Global precedence settings found in Settings -> Website -> Catalog Behavior -> Ignore Include enforcements if any… should be “enabled” for Exclusion to take precedence. Screenshot - Settings.png

Logs in MyApps folder CampaignConditions.log and MyApps_ConditionEvaluation.log also provide more information on the same. There is another log file gets generated under MyApps folder for any given machine during the process and it will be in DEVICE.log format, this will also capture the details of condition evaluation, where DEVICE would be the name of the actual device.



Hi Sunil,

We did not have Ignore Include enforcements if any Excluded checked. I have checked that option. 

We when we view individual DEVICE.log files that are in the exclusion group, the alerts are still running. (AlertCampaign.jpg)

We also see that Targeted Devices (TagetedDevices.jpg) on the MyApps tab is blank for all applications listed, however there are alerts being sent out. (Alerts.jpg)

Hi Detria,

Based on the screenshots you've shared, the device should have shown up in the TargetedDevices screen. Can you please raise a support ticket and provide these details there? We can investigate further and may request more details which is best managed via support.