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App Portal offline page


Are we able to edit App Portal's offline webpage and inserting custom text and images? And can it be done through the Admin area rather than server side?
Basically I need to place the App Portal offline for few hours and would like to advise our end users what's currently happening.



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Thank you for the great question Afif.

Error pages are a feature of IIS, and you can configure that within IIS manager.

For example, if you wanted to edit the page being called for a 500 error, you would do the following:

  • Launch Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  • Expand Sites > Default Web Site, and then select ESD
  • In the Features View, under the IIS section, double-click Error Pages
  • Under the Error Pages details, double-click the entry for the 500 error
  • Choose one of the following options: Insert content from a static file into the error response; Execute a URL on this site; Respond with a 302 redirect
  • Configure the option you wish to use, and then Save that change

  • This will require a server-side edit, but it is a one-time configuration.

    For errors within the website itself, App Portal does provide an error page, which the administrator can edit. To view and modify this page, perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to the Admin page
  • Expand Site Management > Communication > Notifications
  • In the Global tab, double-click the Error Message Display notification
  • Edit the notification as needed, and then save the change.

  • Hopefully this helped!
    Well well well, nice information has been shared and it is useful too
    The offline page is a standard IIS page. The previously provided instructions should direct you to being able to change it. This is an HTML file, so you have the abilities, and limitations, of HTML.