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Information how to install Adminstudio silently and a list of additional Command Line Parameters


Adminstudio 2014 and above are created using an Installshield Suite Project - this means that the process of installing Adminstudio silently and passing command line parameters is different from earlier versions.


To install Adminstudio silently the 'ASCommandLine' property is used to pass standard MSI parameters to the Adminstudio Installer along with the /silent switch:
For example: AdminStudio2014.exe /silent ASCommandLine="TRANSFORMS=MyTransform.mst"
The following table shows the full list of Command Line Paramters which can be used by Adminstudio 2014 and above:
Parameter Description
----------------- -------------------
ASCommandLine Use to pass any MSI property (except for ISInstallDir, SharedInstallDir, or PRODUCTID)
to the AdminStudio installer. Below are examples:
AdminStudio2014.exe /silent ASCommandLine="TRANSFORMS=MyTransform.mst"
ISCommandLine Use to pass any MSI property to the InstallShield Editor installer (which is automatically
launched during AdminStudio installation). Using this parameter enables you to install
InstallShield Editor in a different directory than AdminStudio. For example:
AdminStudio.exe /silent ISCommandLine="INSTALLDIR=D:\MyISDirectory"
ISInstallDir Use to specify the AdminStudio installation directory:
AdminStudio.exe /silent ISInstallDir="C:\Program Files\MyInstallLocation"
SharedInstallDir Use to specify the AdminStudio Shared directory:
AdminStudio.exe /silent SharedInstallDir="\\netshare18\MySharedLocation"
PRODUCTID Use to specify the AdminStudio serial number:
AdminStudio.exe /silent PRODUCTID="xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx"
/silent In order to install AdminStudio silently, you must use /silent switch:
AdminStudio.exe /silent

Additional Information

MSI Command-Line Parameters can be found here:

Related Documents

Additional information can be found on page 42 of the Adminstudio Client Install Guide.
This is available for download from your product and license centre account and also directly from this article
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