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This article contains information regarding Error 0 during offline activation AdminStudio versions 2014 and 2015 when loading the activation.xml.


If you attempt to activate AdminStudio versions 2014 or 2015 offline you may receive the following error when you load the activation.xml file:

Error 0 - Activation of serial number failed: .

This error occurs after you have generated a Licence.request file and uploaded it to and generated an activation.xml file. It is observed when loading the activation.xml file into the wizard. There is no further information about this error in the error dialog or in the xml file.


AdminStudio versions 2014 and 2015 require a network adapter (NIC) to be present on the machine for activation.


In order to resolve this issue you should install a network adapter on the machine. If this is a physical machine with a network adapter you should contact the hardware vendor for the drivers and install the adapter onto the machine. If it is a virtual machine you should be able to change the machine settings to add a network adapter.

You can leave the network adapter disabled if required during the activation process. Once AdminStudio is activated you can remove the network adapter from the machine.

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