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remote Repackager doesn't work

I installed Adminstudio 9.5 Enterprise to my local Workstation (Win XP Prof SP3). I have activated Adminstudio and everything works fine.
Then i installed inside VmWare Workstation 6.5 a clean machine (Win XP Prof SP3) for repackaging. When i try to start repackager or repackaging wizard on the VMWare machine absolutly nothing happens adn the programs don't start!!

I deinstalled the remote repackager and reinstalled it targeting to another workstation with Adminstudio 9.5 Prof and everthing works fine.

What is the problem with remote repackager from Adminstudio 9.5 Enterprise ?
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Hi There,

If nothing appears to be happening, I wonder if the application is even launching?

Can you check with Process Monitor to see if the process is starting, and if so, how far along it gets?

sorry for digging out this old thread, but I've got the same problem with my fully activated AdminStudio 10 Professional!

After double-clicking the Repackaging Wizard link on the desktop of my clean machine "repack.exe" starts for a few seconds and the quits without ever showing any window!

Quick help would be appreciated!


Hi Christian,

I would recommend generating a Process Monitor log and posting it to see if that gives a clue as to what's happening.
Flexera Alumni
Hi Christian,

Also try contacting Support. They may be able to help you with this issue.

I had the same problem and was able to solve it.

2 things you have to do to use remote packager that aren't well documented

1. Make sure the \\server\c$\Program files\adminstudio\X.X\common\ folder on the server is accessible and add it to your path statement. (this gets rid of the dll missing error)

2. Install the Visual C++ 2008 runtime from MS. (without this the program launches for 2 seconds then closes)

BTW - you can use the remote packager when running in eval mode.