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Repack - Capture Replaced Files

Hello Everyone!Adminstudio 8.6 StandardI am using the Repack feature to capture a group of files that will be upgrading an application once they are applied. Some files are replacing existing files and others are new.For some reason, when I use Repa...

seanka by Level 3
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Impossible to get an evaluation copy.

Having spoken to various representatives in the UK it is not possible to get a trial version of AdminStudio Workflow manager.I really think you should remove the evaluation link from your website as it is misleading as the only way you can evaluate i...

Unable to install an evaluation license (error 310)

I installed AdminStudio evaluation in a fresh Windows XP SP2 machine. when I try to launch the application after installation I am getting this error(ref attached ScreenShot). What could be the problem?It gives a bad impression about the product sin...

GetExp by Level 6
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internal error 2705.Directory

Hello,I have this error "internal error 2705.Directory" when i try to install the MSI package.INSTALLDIR is correctly set. And i've also checked the directory what's wrong?thx

Script for searching & editing a file

Script for searching & editing a fileNavigate to C:\testOpen test1.config in Notepad Search for After the line that starts insert the following line Save the test1.config file.

Testing & Evaluating AdminStudio 8.6

Hi,I am currently testing and evaluating AdminStudio 8.6, specifically with the repackager feature, regardless of what format (MSI, EXE) my build output was in, it was always the same problem. The problem was when the build is completed, ran the ins...

Newbie Help: Adding a Service

I need some beginner help that doesnt seem to be covered via searching the forums or through the Help File. :confused: I just need to add a service to the destination machine that was missed during the initial install. Is there a way to do this easil...

Silent Mode - Executables

Hi,I have created a self-extracting executable for one of the packages i have made (Very simple package, simply copies a couple of files to C:\WINNT\System32\Macromed\Flash\ to disable auto-updates).Only problem is, when trying to distribute this in ...

rsnooks by Level 2
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Very sloooooowww repackaging with 8.6.1.

Dear reader(s),Today I started with our first bigger repack project, a part of Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Bridge CS3.Waht puzzles me is that I started it at 13:45 and the Repackaging wizard was still on the screen at 17:00 hours, consuming 50% cpu wi...

Command line packaging??

Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to use adminstudio at command line to produce packages. :confused: For example i would like automatically create a package at the click of one button with no user input or GUI. Is it at all possible to create sile...