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Uncompressed TRANSFORM

I am trying to create a TRANSFORM on the vendor msi. I converted msi to .ism files in order to convert from thick to thin msi. Then created a TRANSFORMS and added a file. Now installshield created a cab file. I remember in wise i could check somethin...

OgeccuT by Level 3
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Automated application converter feature

Does anyone know exactly what permission are needed on VM ESXI account to manage the VM workstations? Our VM administrator does not want to grant full permission for my account to power up vm through VIX API? Thanks.

jc1227 by Level 2
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Automated Application Converter

Getting this error:Error 4314 controlling virtual machine: Failed to copy repackaged output from virtual machine: 040461c8I've also noticed that it never really repackages the install. The repackage process runs for maybe a second. During the process...

Installshield Professional Logging

Hi,I'm trying to repackage an application called statistica. I run the repackaging wizard and provide a location to the setup.Upon launching the setup I receive a message "The setup you are launching was created with InstallShield Professional"...It...

App-V Application deployment strategy

Dear all, we are licensed for the Virtualisation Pack. Haven't yet decided on the best approach for new apps. Do you create an MSI and convert the MSI or go direct to the App-V and forget MSIs?What benefits have you seen using the AdminStudio tool ov...

remote Repackager doesn't work

I installed Adminstudio 9.5 Enterprise to my local Workstation (Win XP Prof SP3). I have activated Adminstudio and everything works fine. Then i installed inside VmWare Workstation 6.5 a clean machine (Win XP Prof SP3) for repackaging. When i try to ...

f924924 by Level 2
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What is up with the forum ?

I can only see the first page when browsing. No option to go to Page 2, 3, etc.Search works and produces results.

New Install of 10.0 Fails

I have rebuilt my server twice. The first time I was running Windows Server 2008 R2. Now I am using Windows Server 2008 SP2 (32 bit).I installed AS Enterprise 10 web server. When launching it from either server I get:Server Error in '/' Application.-...