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Missing server piece of Enterprise Edition

Is there a separate installation for the server tools for AdminStudio Enterprise Edition 9.5? I have the Enterprise Edition installed on a Windows Server 2008, but don't see anyplace to manage roles and permissions. In the help Library there is mention of an Enterprise Server tab on the console, but I don't see it.

---more info---
When I try to connect to a catalogue through the Enterprise Server tab I get this error:
Error: 0x800A1518

If you are using a Web Portal with custom security zone settings
and your AdminStudio Enterprise Server URL is using an IP address,
change the AdminStudio Enterprise Server URL to the NetBios equivalent
then try again.
Changing the AES server URL made no difference.
I don't have Workflow manager, just Enterprise Edition
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Just to be clear, did you install the server piece using the Tools > Options > Install AES button? This requires IIS on a Windows Server machine.

Once you've got that set up, you should first log in with Internet Explorer with a default user/pass of suams/suams and get your accounts set up.

If you still have trouble after pointing to the IP Address then, it's probably a configuration issue. I would contact Support at that point, and they should be able to get you sorted out.
I have IIS installed on a Windows Server 2008 machine along with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. When I try to install AES I get this error:

Product: AdminStudio Web Server -- AdminStudio Web Server can only be installed on Windows server operating systems including Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, and Windows 2008 Server.


The OS is 64 bit and the Release Notes say Workflow Manager won't run on 64 bit for v9.5, but shouldn't I still be able to run the Enterprise piece? We are not using Workflow manager.

I do have a ticket open with support, but so far this is getting a quicker response.
Well, that is a supported platform for the server piece, so it's quite strange that this is taking place.

Can you post the install log? I believe that this gets created in the %TEMP% folder. Just sort by modified date.