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AdminStudio Re-Packager x86/x64

Hi guys,Relatively new to AdminStudio and learning as i go.I've installed our license onto an x64 machine, is it possible to run packages to install as x86? From the ones i've ran already i noticed it's only x64 and i can't seem to find an option to ...

JackD86 by Level 2
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Your Java version is out of date

We have Java Runtime Environment 1.7.0_45 installed on our production pc's, we are seeing "Your Java version is out of date" messageHow to supress ?

a379266 by Level 4
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Repackager 2013 Build Error (ISDEV Error 5008)

I have recently performed a snapshot capture of a package I need to recreate that has around 20 separate programs. The capture is being done on a Windows 7 64-bit virtualized workstation. The capture seems to have worked, but when I choose to "Buil...

okstate by Level 2
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OS environment question

I'm just starting to get my hands dirty with Repackager and found a situation regarding 32/64-bit environments.For example, when repackaging Paint.NET, in the project directory I can see files to be installed in the PROGRAMFILES64Folder. I repackage...

Evalutation : Adding virtual machine to ACC

Hi,I am in the process of evalutating the AdminStudio suite for my enterprise but i am having issues with the addition of a virtual machine into the Automated Application Converter.The virtual machine i built is on my lab environment which is running...

AdminStudio Suite 2013 R2 evaluation setup issues

Hi,I have been tasked to evaluate AdminStudio Suite 2013 R2 at my work for application packaging purposes.I have been having issues setting up the application catalogue side of things. The database administrator here assures me that she has setup the...

thevz1 by Level 2
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Adminstudio Enterprise Setup

Hi All,My company purchased Adminstudio Enterprise license and planning to implement in our environment.Will Flexera support for implementation? It seems we got Silver support. Can anyone advice on this.

License release problem

Hello,I'am encoutering a problem to transfer (or release) my adminstudio 8.5 license.We are migrating our workstation, and i must reinstalled my adminstudio tools on a new workstation, i didn't find the way to release my license.When i'm reinstalled ...

Repackager creates invalid snapshot

TL:DR - I am having problems with the IS repackager creating an ISR file that it cannot parse to create an MSI from (and, I think, further inconsistencies after I manually edit the ISR file)I am using IS 2012 Spring Pro v19 SP1. I have used this suce...

jdelap by Level 2
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