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Oracle 10g Won't Publish to CM12 from App Catalog

Hello!Ran into a strange issue last night. We're on AdminStudio 2013 and we've published literally hundreds of applications now to SCCM 2012 with no issues. We published the application before this one which included the Oracle response files with no...

Modifying package snapshot

I am new to Admin Sudio and trying to understand how to use the product.I took a snapshot of a pacakage install using standalone repackager and built a package which created the msi file along with the source files and inc & irp file.I would like to ...

AdminStudio Package Query

Dear All,I am using AdminStudio Professional 2012, I have some question on professional version, Is there any limitation of software repackage ?Such as number of program/software files and program/software type ? BAT, CMD, COM, MSI, REG, VBE, VBS

Need assistance

HI All, I am new to application packaging. I am learning application packaging now. Could anyone help by giving right direction?

AAC - Repackaging everything in 64 bit mode

I have AAC working perfectly with 3 VMs hosted on a ESX server. My VMs run Windows7 64bit. We only have 64bit in our environment. So I have 4 packages (32 bit apps) that I have set up to repackage automatically. The problem is the resulting repac...

Execute from Current Directory

How to execute below command in CMD, so that it get executed wherever that folder is copied & it’s not hardcoded to folderTest.cmd content…C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSIexec.exe /i "\\xyz\abc\sources\test.msi" TRANSFORMS="\\xyz\abc\sources\test.mst" /QR

a379266 by Level 4
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OS Security Patch Wizard

Is there any way to import MSU patches into the app catalog as at present the OS Security Patch Wizard only allows an .exe to be imported?CheersNigel

thenjd by Level 2
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How to Create a Desktop Shortcut?

Hi All,Very new user of Admin Studio (first day)... I thought I would try something simple to get started. Desktop Shortcut:Using our old method of package creation and software deployment, I would create a package that would copy over a .VBS script...