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Help with IE 6.01 SP1 & GPO Deployment

Hi all,I'm sure this has be flushed out multiple times, but I was unable to find any answers by using the search. I'm a new AdminStudio user and am working to convert all of our apps to MSI for deployment through Active Directory GPO. I'm having so...

Aborting mid sequence

Without using InstallScript and OnAbort(); is there an alternative way to perform a test mid sequence and abort if required?I've LaunchConditions working fine before the sequence has begun. I see there is a LaunchCondition within the sequence but any...

Acrobat 6 Prof Install - puzzled?

Spent a few hours looking at how this is packaged and how it can be deployed using AD.It is shipped in MSI format (created with Installshield Dev) and is supplied with a setup.exe. I tried creating a transform - no luck. It swiftly failed with invali...

Darrat by Level 3
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Repackaging: issues with different service packs?

Hello,We are currently repackaging applications on Windows XP SP1 and I am wondering what will happen when SP2 is released. With NT we used Altiris to repackage our apps and we found out that some apps created with SP5 would not work if SP6 was inst...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Installing AdminStudio 5.5 Professional on Windows 2003 Server

Hi,I'm trying to install AdminStudio 5.5 Professional Edition on a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition (VMware) without success. I get past the Customer Information, Destination Folder and AdminStudio Shared Location boxes, but not the "Select Langu...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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AutocadLT 2005 Repackage

One of my fren is involved in repackaging of AutocadLT 2005 and facing lots of issues while doing so .. handling of licensing part ..etc If anybody has doc which has error and resolution of the same please provide... Thanks

*** Shortcut Creation Problem***

Our base Windows 98 SE image has profiles enabled. The Start Menu is NOT shared among users/profiles, meaning if user A installs software A and then user B logs into the machine, user B cannot see the program group for software A - EVEN if the .msi ...

BCM4309 by Level 8
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Problems with merge module detection in AdminStudio 5.5

I am trying to use AdminStudio 5.5 to package simple legacy applications, but have a major problem with getting it to recognise merge modules correctly, so the resulting MSIs break my target workstations. In the specific example I am supplying here, ...

Roxio Easy CD Creator Basic 6

I'm having trouble building a .msi package for Roxio Easy CD Creator Basic 6. If anyone has gotten this to work please let me know anything special you had to do.I'm trying to get this to work via GPO on Windows XP machines. The .msi that comes on th...

HKCU keys not getting installed

Hi All,I have a problem with HKCU\software\odbc keys not getting installed when a new user logs into the machine.I have worked out that if I advertise the shortcut the HKCU\software\odbc keys will be entered into the registry when the user starts the...