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I'm attempting to use merge modules for the first time and I have some cocnerns. I'm building an install that requires MDAC 2.8 and DirectX 9b. I've loaded the merge modules and everything is cool, but I'm building a corporate-wide Tivoli distribution. This means that I need to by-pass any reboots. I can't find an option to skip the reboot in the MDAC Merge Module. I also have no idea if DirectX will have one as well. I will definitely be attaching a reboot to the pack, but I need to have better control with it. So, I don't want to have it built into this package.

Does anyone have ideas???

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You will be able to suppress reboot by setting REBOOT property in the setup. For the values of REBOOT property, and a complete list of properties, please refer to Property Reference.