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Self Healing - OCX and version changes

The scenario: Install application yyy with an MSI. The shortcut to yyy.exe is an advertised shortcut. The file xxx.ocx is installed as version and is the key file for the MSI component xxx.ocx and in the same feature as yyy.exe.If I delete xx...

Lotus Notes R5

Has anyone repackaged Notes R5? If so to what extent did you automate the install?Thanks,Bryan

BCM4309 by Level 8
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Mapped Network drives

I have an MSI that installs zipmail, an addon for lotus notes. In our network the users have their personal data on the network, including the notes.ini file. I have to make seveeral entries in this. I have created the package so that it searches for...

How to Use the Application Isolation Wizard

Gday all,I'm trying to do a bit of Application Isolation, I understand the .local method (move the DLL's etc into the same directory as the executable and make a .local file) but with XP we have these things called manifests, which seem to be xml fil...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Installing Printers without having to reboot

G'day all,I have an app that installs a printer, at the moment the printer does not appear until I have rebooted the PC. I would like to be able to install the printer without having to reboot the PC. Does anyone have any ideas on how I might be ab...


Hi Guys,I am using InstallShield Pro 6.3 and created a setup.exe using InstallScript I want to add SMS and group policy support to my current installer. How can I achieve this? I know in order to have SMS support, I need to convert to MSI package. Ca...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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Upgrade Question.

HI,I have a couple of applications which are subject to regular upgrades. Generally these upgrades consist of me being given 2 or 3 files from the existing application which have been changed by our developers. I used Adminstudio to repackage the ori...

Merge Modules

I'm attempting to use merge modules for the first time and I have some cocnerns. I'm building an install that requires MDAC 2.8 and DirectX 9b. I've loaded the merge modules and everything is cool, but I'm building a corporate-wide Tivoli distribut...

mxl0b23 by Level 4
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_Validation Table issues

We use a inhouse apps that uses the MSI.DLL to standardise some of our MSI's and Transforms. We have encountered a problem in transforms, when we use Tuner to generate our tranform, we have no problems, however, if we then open up the Transform in I...

CChong by Level 11 Flexeran
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