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Using UNC Paths in Silent Installations

[FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3]Does anyone know if there is a problem using UNC paths with silent installations? Nothing at all happens when I execute this:setup.exe /s /v"INSTALLDIR=\"\\orville\d$\Program Files\MyCompany\My Product\" /qn" /wThanks for any ...

How to supress a dialog?

We recently switched to Admin Studio Pro from Wise products. In the Wise products, there is a check box infront of a dialog in the dialog view. If the box is checked, the dialog will display, if not, it does not display. Checking the box adds the...

MitchM by Level 3
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VBScript in Custom Actions

I am trying to run this very small and simple VBScript, which works fine outside InstallShield:PROGRAM_NAME = "SMART Board Software"set ws = WScript.CreateObject("") currentuser = ws.RegRead("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WIND...

One file in package not installing

OK, this is probably an easy one to you gurus out there. I've created a very simple package that just contains 5 files that need to replace older files in a directory when the package is installed. When I run the package manually, it works just fine....

Repair always installs previous version

I created a Minor Upgrade with two new files. Installing with /i name REINSTALLMODE=voums REINSTALL=ALL updates the files correctly.Yet, if I perform a repair the previous version gets reinstalled.This also happens if I remove all cached files. I d...

Palm desktop 4.1

Has anyone run into the issue of the palm desktop software insisting on reinstalling itself (self heal) at login? I have tried to solve this by removing and replacing the reg keys here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\” with “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ a...

Greg_B by Level 3
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Palm and MST issue

Has anyone had any success creating a transform for the Palm Desktop 4.1? ALL of my build machines lock up each time I get to the last dialog in the "Palm Desktop - Installshield Wizard" using Tuner. If I force close the program and look in the proje...

Problem with 'shortcuts component' registry enrty

When i tried to Package Macromedia Dream weaver, it gave me error ICE 43 and ice 57.Both errors regrading the regisrty entry corresponding to the component 'Shortcut'To miticate error 43 i have to set the corresponding reg entry to -1 and to miticate...

capturing uninstall process

I may have missed a whole lot in help docs, but I can't find out how tocapture removal of application. I'm converting setup.exe to MSI and I'd liketo have a complete picture of both install (done with Repackager) anduninstall process.[EDIT] I forgot ...