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Convert MSP to an MSI file?

Is it possible to take an MSP file and "convert" it so that it runs as an MSI file?Long story short:MSP file requires a reboot, but it will NOT reboot the pc.I can install the MSIEXEC v3.0 and run the MSP file, but nothing will reboot the pc. The /fo...

kjhurni by Level 4
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Automatic repairs on advertised shortcuts

HiI have a general question about automatic repairs when clicking on an advertised shortcut. In almost every application I've repackaged there are registry keys in HKCU that needs to be applied during installation. They are always applied for the use...

_down_ by Level 2
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Error 0

Hello,I'm make a MSI of one Installshield application.The name of this application is Racal Recorders Limited.All .exe run very good with msi installation. But there is one (Replay.exe), that when i go run this executable appear the next message: "Er...

AS6 SMS Web console

i have installed AS6. Thought great SMS web console, should make my life easier. If i start the web console there is only a white page. nothing, no error, not page not found just a blank page? Have i missed something? I noticed the first time that i...

Installation Changes file?

All,This humble InstallShield n00b asks for your help. As a former Wise Products user, I was used to having the Installation Changes HTML and TXT file created after each MSI. This showed all the file and registry changes made in the MSI. Does Admin...

Editing Shortcuts in Repackager (v6.0)

HiAfter I capture settings in the repackager that comes with InstallShield Admin Studio 6.0 I can't edit the shortcuts. So if you capture an msi process the 32bit key for the icon file name cant be edited....Does anyone know if you can edit shortcuts...

turnby by Level 2
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Is there a way to order AppSearch?

[FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3]This is what I am trying to accomplish:I have two related products. If one of them is already on the workstation, the second one needs to be installed to the same location. So I created a Signature and an entry in the RegLoca...

LockPermissions [problem]

Hello IS Community ;I've repackaged an very old application what has needded full write right on it's own directory (c:\APPNAME\DIR1) ; i found informations like [%USERDOMAIN] but all informations found like [Everyone] don't works. :eek: How can i gi...

jacquesh by Level 2
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acrobat reader 7 => create a single msi

hii want to install acrobat reader 7 but i must follow rules (have a single msi)problem : when i decompress the setup.exe of arcobat reader 7.0 it's not a single can i create a single msi ?

eroc75 by Level 2
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Patch Creation - Crash

I have created a project including a Patch definition (Configuration, Latest Setup, Previous Setup) all looks fine, no error Messages. The Main Setup Project builds just perfect.But when i select "Build Patch", Adminstudio crashes. Here an excerpt fr...

APetras by Level 3
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