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Copying Files to Default User Profile Folder

Hi all...Is there a clean method for placing files in the Default User profile folder using the standard Windows Installer tables and properties? I have been instructed not to use any scripting for this.Specifically I need to copy two files to \Defau...

JMichael by Level 2
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Merge Module removel

I need some help in figuring out why one Merge Module would get removed during an upgrade and another will not get removed during an upgrade. Can someone tell me where to start looking. Regards

k_r_63 by Level 3
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Do I need to upgrade for Vista?

I am using Admin Studio with IS 8.02. I'm trying to get ahead of the game by trying to figure out if I need to upgrade to a newer version of IS that will support Vista installations. Am I good to go or should I consider upgrading? Can someone help me...

k_r_63 by Level 3
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FLEXnet Admin Studio SMS edition

Hello, I've downloaded and activated Admin studio SMS edition. I know it is a limited version that includes the "Repackeger", "Distribution Wizard", "Tuner" and a very limited "SMS web Console". My issue is that the "SMS web Console" is so limi...

Send/receive alerts

I'm on AS 7.5 Pro, using the SMS Web Console to allow my techs to advertise SMS packages.I need a quick way to set up an alert, preferable via e-mail to let me know when a change has been committed to SMS.Any ideas?

dhogan by Level 6
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Applying patches in silent mode

The documentation says you have to setREINSTALL=ALL and REINSTALLMODE=omusif you want to apply a patch in silent mode.Why? What will happen if you don't set the properties?Thanks.

inx File

Hi there,I Was trying to repackage an appliction fix. This appliction fix was build in installscript. I have the inx file where I wish to look in. I hope I can see what it does. Because the repackaging isn't working, perhaps there is a custom action...

Wilbur81 by Level 2
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File name based on the LogonUser property

I need that Windows Installer installs a file with the name '' each time a user launch my repackaged application for the first time. '' should be installed each time a user logs on the machine and launch the application fo...

LeclercM by Level 4
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