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Tuner and CAB files

By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
1) I’m creating a TRANSORMS file via using AdminStudio v5 ‘Tuner’ utility. Every time I include an external file into the MST file, it presents a ‘Select Media Location’ window and I select the ‘In a new CAB file’ radio button, but the check box for ‘Stream the new CAB file into the Windows Installer package’ is grayed out.
How can I use this unavailable option to store all my data set within the MST file ?

2) I would also like to use the ‘Create Response Transform’ wizard option, but the only button visible to me on the ‘Create a new Transform file’ window is ‘Create’. Why is this so ?

3) Lastly, I created a desktop shortcut by copying an existing shortcut from the TABLE and just changed the target file and shortcut name fields. All the other fields in this TABLE\Shortcuts row are very bewildering and AdminStudio’s online help doesn’t clarify this topic. Can someone please assist me in this mater?

Kamer 🙂
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By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
In reply to your first question.
I don't think you are using InstallShield Tuner to create a MST file. Based on your description you are using InstallShield Developer. When you add an external file into the MST file from InstallShield Developer it presents you with an "Select Media Location" dialog and "Stream the new CAB file into the Windows Installer package" option is grayed out.
The reason why this option is grayed out is becuase we don't want to modify the original MSI package. The whole idea of transform files is to save the changes you make to the MSI package. This way your original MSI package is not modified. At run time you will apply the transform with the original MSI package and Windows Installer engine will take care of merging the contents of both the transform and MSI package.
As far as streaming the cab file into transform is concerned I don't think it is possible. You can also use InstallShield Tuner to do the same thing and Tuner will by default save the changes into the cab file without presenting you with this dialog.

Now to your question #2
InstallShield Tuner has a check box that says "Response Transform". This check box is located just above the "Create" button in "Create a new transform" view. If you check this check box and then click on "Create" button you will be able to create a response transform.

Now to your final question
Take a look at the Shortcut table in MSI help. What is displayed in the shortcut view in Tuner or Developer is ultimately mapped to the Shortcut table in MSI package. You can also check this URL for information on the Shortcut table.