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Removing dialog boxes

By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
I am a newbie to repackaging using AdminStudio 5.0
I am trying to repackage a small program called Geo - version 2.2 How can I repackage so that it will not display any dialog boxes (Welcome and Finish) to the end user (except the status, of course)? If I already have an .msi file created, can I edit it, somehow within the existing .msi or .ism file? Since I'm a newbie, I will need a clear explanation, please!

Your assistance is much appreciated,
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One of the steps AdminStudio recommends in Repackaging setups is to use Developer to make the required setup changes.

In your case, you can open the msi file in Developer and remove the dialogs you don't want.

Or take the the intermediate project file generated by Repackager which has an extension of ism and open that file in Developer, remove the dialogs and build the project which produces the msi file.

Rajesh Tammana
You can do two things:

You can create an MST (.mst) using Tuner to 'Hide' all of your dialogs. This will net you the result you are looking for. This will also allow you to change the installation options such as file placement, etc.

The preferred method (even if you create an .mst) would be to change your cmd line install options and use the switches to install your MSI silently.