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How to supress a dialog?

We recently switched to Admin Studio Pro from Wise products. In the Wise products, there is a check box infront of a dialog in the dialog view. If the box is checked, the dialog will display, if not, it does not display.

Checking the box adds the condition of 0 And (previous conditions) to the dialog conditions in the MSI. I know I could edit the conditions and add the "0 and" but WHY? Does anyone know if there is a simple way to do this in InstallShiled 10.5 ? Rather than directly edit the many condition tables, the only good solution I have for my team now is to edit the MSI with Wise and uncheck the boxes.

(2) Replies
have you looked in the "Project Assistant" in the section "Installation Interview" ?

It allows you to switch off most of the dialogs

I did not know that was there. I believe that does some but not all.